I am a passionate photographer who lives in the West-Rand, Gauteng. 
Of course I'm excited by the light, the color, the composition. All that photography stuff. But most of all I love pictures because they offer the possibility to tell stories. They have a way of reminding us what's real and meaningful and that's important to me. 
I like to shoot natural photo's, as little editing as possible and those special moments you yourself miss but the camera catches. I tell the story like it is. 
I am grateful for the talent that I have. We all have that one talent that makes our lives so much more worth it. I am a "go with the wind" type of girl. Where ever the wind blows me I go. Photography gives us a life-long gift of pictures and the opportunity to tell a person's stories. 
Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I promise to not just be your photographer, but also be your friend for a long time after you receive your final photo's. So don't be surprised when I contact you in 3 years to hear how life has been treating you. 
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