Boudoir Photography

Have you always wanted to book a special session for either yourself or for that special person in you life, but you don't know what to expect or how to book such a session.

I am here to help.

Choosing a photographer:

Make sure to choose someone that you will feel comfortable with. If you aren't comfortable with the photographer, it will show in your images.

First up, look through portfolios from previous sessions. Although many photographers do no share these intimate images to protect the privacy of their client, you will find some images of their work online though. Some photographers do model sessions and use those images for their portfolios. Make sure to look through them to get a "feel" for their work.

The look:

Plan your “look” in advance. You get different types of Boudoir, this includes styles like pinup, burlesque, bdsm, Gothic. It all depends on what you want from the session. Each “look” needs to be planned in advance, for example your clothing choices and the most important your hair & Make-up. If your hair, make-up and outfit is planned well, your confidence will show in your photos.

I have an in-house make-up artist and hair stylist that could help you to achieve that perfect look.


I love shooting in my studio, but we can definitely also shoot in your house or at a hotel that you like and feel comfortable in. I have a selection of props available to make your session memorable.


Have a vision for your session? Be sure to share your ideas with me by sending photo examples, blog links etc. I would love to make your vision a reality.


Practice a few poses before-hand. Your confidence will shine through on your images.

Remember that no-one else except you and your significant other will see these photos. So don’t be shy. I am a female photographer with my own bumps and curves, and will not for one moment judge you on your bumps and curves.

Please let me know before your session which parts of your body you would like to have focus on and which parts we should try to avoid.


Please make sure that your nails are done. You don’t have to go for a manicure and pedicure, just make sure your nails and feet are clean and tidy.

There is nothing as bad as dirty feet.

I don’t mind editing blemishes or pimples, so please don’t worry about that.

Please shave!!! I can’t tell you enough how important this one is.

Social Media & online gallery

I don’t share any of my boudoir sessions online unless it is a model call. I share your photos with only you on your very own private online gallery. I also make sure that I secure your gallery by making it secret with a password.

Outfits & Props

Outfits for the session must be planned in advance. Please make sure beforehand that your chosen outfits fits you. We don’t want your photos to look like the outfits doesn’t fit.

You can bring any number of outfits to the session. I can’t promise that we will use all of them, but just have them for back-up in case something happens.

You may bring any props that you would like to incorporate into your session.